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Jimi Adam, a master of musical moods


Jimi Adam, pianist, singer, songwriter epitomizes artistry in it's truest form. His remarkable vocal instrument weaves a new tapestry of musical colors and textures. His individuality stands alone; unique, and distinctive. Like a much-needed breath of fresh air amid today's musical landscape which needed something different Jimi Adam is the answer.


Jimi’s performance skill and techniques reflect more than twenty years of experience and stem from early years of paying dues and honing his craft including a background in contemporary Christian music.  Jimi, the father of two, hails from a small town in Massachusetts; born number 9 of 11 children his musical interest began playing drums, while he perfected his prowess as a pianist and later brought pinpoint focus to his songwriting skills. Among Jimi's many credits he attributes directing a forty-member choir in his ability to create a unique sound that touches the masses. Inevitably Jimi's talents lead him to other musical endeavors that opened the door to his destiny. Jimi has performed in venues such as Madison Square Garden, The Beacon Theater, as well as, the Manhattan Convention Center in New York and Berkeley Performing Arts Center and the Boston Opera House in Massachusetts. 


Jimi's love of music is his gift to the world. There's much more that Jimi wants to conquer, he's on track to do it one dream at a time. 



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